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Casting list DEMO (PDF)



Examples of advertising with our castings:



Our direct co-operators include:



The modernisation of our Studio working system could not have been carried out without investing in new equipment.

At the moment, we provide you with:
  • Sony EX3 video camera
  • AKG/BEHRINGER audio system, 4-channel mixer plus a set of microphones
  • KINO FLO x 2 light, redhead 800 x 2 light
  • livestream broadcaster
After getting a login to our system, you will receive a detailed user manual of the interactive casting list customer zone.





The price of Studio with Sony EX3 video camera, camera operator, video preview, photo documentation and linear editing performed with the use of Adobe Premiere software



Houers /
Nett price in PLN

1 /

2 /500

3 /700

4 /900

5 /1100

6 /1300

7 /1500

8 /

9 /1900

10 /2100

11 /2300

12 /2500


Sundays and Holidays:


Up to 4 hrs

Over 4 hrs.

Nett price in PLN

1 hour. – 350 PLN nett

1 hour. – 300PLN nett

Editing of casting according to the specification:
• signing the people
• combining scenes into chapters
• generation of mp4 files in HD or low bitrate
• generation of an interactive casting list
• placing the material on our server with the function of viewing them in the online player
• placing materials on our FTP server
• online streaming on the zoom platform
• 1 hour  – 150 PLN net
Printing of A4 casting cards – 0.15 PLN net / 1 piece
Electricity 10 PLN net / hour
Cost of resignation from the studio within 12 hours before recording – 50% of rate.



of Horyzont Studio

The purpose of HORYZONT Studio is to provide services at the highest level possible. Recently, we have implemented a range of changes and improvements connected with the access to data, form of material saving and online transmission.
We have created the Customer Zone for directors leading the recordings through which the final effect of works at a casting session can be controlled in full.

We have changed the look of a traditional casting list from Excel table to an interactive casing list in PDF file including HD pictures (click to open) and video clips. The file has also links for downloading a set of PHOTO and MP4 materials from FTP (a highly simplified wetransfer). This provides an instant access to all registered materials without the need of recording DVDs and copying materials to other FTP servers.
In a special panel, one can mark selected people, sort them in any way, and generate their own list (in the form of an interactive PDF file).


We have thoroughly changed the way of saving the particulars of those waiting for the recording. An interactive list has been created via which they enter their particulars on their own into the system on the computer placed in the Studio waiting room. This makes us sure that the particulars are correct and shortens the time after the recording ends within which the customer receives the materials orsered. We have launched the streaming service (data streaming).

At the customer’s request, me can make the recording available in real time via our private server. We send an e-mail to the person interested with a link activating the transmission of video image from the casting. This gives us unlimited possibilities to sent the material to any corner of the world.


Any questions? Contact Us.

You are invited to cooperation.

Casting Studio Horyzont
OMIG S.A. Office Complex
ul. Stępińska 22/30 bud. 1, lok. 16
00-739 Warszawa
Piotr: +48 602 150 151
Grzegorz: +48 882 080 861
Anastazja: +48 884 727 842


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